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      As someone with a love for the outdoors, I've always struggled to find high-quality and affordable gear for both my adventures and my time spent in the city. I wanted clothing that was practical, comfortable, and stylish in a pinch. This led me to create The Rugged Gentleman: a store that caters to the man that isn’t content with standard urban wear. Our customers want to live their lives prioritizing freedom and exploration and take our clothes through new terrains and diverse cultures. A true "rugged meets refined" look.

      The Rugged Gentleman is committed to providing men’s clothing of the highest quality at the best possible prices to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to look great and experience the world in durable, stylish clothing. Throughout the process, we have curated five unique collections within our Rugged Gentleman umbrella to further tailor and improve your shopping experience. You'll see them listed as followed: Rockland, Midland, Osier, Hawthorne, and Birchwood. We consciously built out these five collections with feedback from our consumers and creative partners. Each collection has its own character and purpose. Just know that if you reach out to us with any feedback or suggestions, we are listening, taking notes, and ready to engage in a conversation on how we can better serve your needs.

      Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or simply have a question related to a product, our customer care team is here for you and ready to make your experience at The Rugged Gentleman as seamless as possible.

      We hope that you enjoy shopping at The Rugged Gentleman as much as we enjoyed creating it.


      Thanks to all who helped make this possible and for our loyal customers who continue supporting us.

      The Rugged Gentleman team